SEO Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This simply means optimizing your website to allow the search engines such as Google & Bing to rank your website for particular keywords or phrases.

At Skye Web Design we are very well practiced in the techniques & tactics to allow websites we build to rank well for these strategically chosen keywords.

SEO at Skye Web Design


By researching ‘keywords’ that are relevant to your business, we can use these words within the text and structure of your site. This allows the search engines to pick up and understand what the website is about, then rank it compared to other websites with similar content.

How well a website ranks is determined by many factors, but if the SEO is done well the better the site will rank, ideally at the top of the list.

Choosing the right keywords are crucial to getting people to find and use your website. Without our help in this area you can waste a lot of time and money commissioning a pretty website that no one ever finds or uses.


By choosing us to build your website we will be considering the search engines from the very start of the process.

SEO is such an important element within web design that in past projects we have even changed the entire business name & brand identity to a more search engine friendly term; sometimes completely re-branding a company can offer a far more successful solution.

Simply there is no point creating a website that no one is looking for.

Custom Designed

Custom Designed websites - to meet your business needs.


Responsive websites - to work on all modern browsing devices.

Future Proof

Future proof websites - upgrade over time as your needs grow.