Once we have designed & built you one of our websites there are many options on how much continuing support you wish to receive.

Basic Support
The most basic option is for you to take complete control of the finished website, this involves keeping the site up to date and creating all new content.

Medium Support
We can do more for you, we can keep the site up to date and keep an eye on any new content you create, ensuring all keeps working correctly.

Complete Support
We will do all required work; including keeping the site updated and also create any new content your require.

As all websites are different the categories are a good guideline to what we can offer.

Domain Management
Server Hosting
Software Updates
Content Updates
Yearly Cost
Basic Support
Medium Support
From £200
Complete Support
From £300

Custom Designed

Custom Designed websites - to meet your business needs.


Responsive websites - to work on all modern browsing devices.

Future Proof

Future proof websites - upgrade over time as your needs grow.