As with most things in life you pay for what you get.

When commissioning as website with us you’ll get a quality website that can easily be adapted to meet the needs of any growing business.
On all our websites we use the CMS ‘Joomla’, you would be buying a website that uses cutting edge web coding and is responsive to work on all browsing devices.

Costing will reflect the complexity of both the design and the features required.
If you require a simple yet modern site to advertise your bed and breakfast you will properly fall into our ‘Basic Site’ category.
If you need more features such as a built in shop or booking system you require a more ‘Complex Site’.

To make your project achievable we offer an interest free finance package, maybe useful if you’re starting a new business.

Once we have built your website there are options on how much continuing support you wish to receive.

For businesses within the Isle of Skye tourism industry we can offer a single page website solution for £95, ideal for budget B&B’s or small self catering cottages.
Find out more about Single Page Sites.

To discuss your requirements Contact Us to arrange a meeting to get your project started.

For full modern websites our prices start from £495. If you require something a bit more complex then expect costing from £1000+.

Joomla CMS
Number of Pages
Extra Features
Build Time
Basic Site
1-2 Weeks
Medium Site
3-5 Weeks
Complex Site
5+ Weeks

Custom Designed

Custom Designed websites - to meet your business needs.


Responsive websites - to work on all modern browsing devices.

Future Proof

Future proof websites - upgrade over time as your needs grow.