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    To give a taste of what we can offer, below in this interactive list you will find examples of recent websites we have designed & build.

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    A selection of some of our other projects.

    Bed & Breakfast





    Self Catering




    www.duncan-house.com (not finished yet)



    www.raasay.com (not finished yet)

  • Booking-Robot.com >

    Built February 2016

    Booking Robot is one of our own in-house projects. We have developed a booking extension for the CMS Joomla.

    The website is a means of marketing and managing the subscriptions. Members who pay to use the extension can login to access downloads and further support.

    The design is modern using Gantry 5 which is fully responsive, offering great support for mobile devices.

    Visit the website > www.booking-robot.com

  • Ace-Skye.com >

    Built January 2016

    Ace Skye offer outdoor activities including archery, axe throwing, clay pigeon shooting and paintball. Located just outside Portree on the Isle of Skye.

    The website design displays a less traditional menu layout at the left hand side, combined with the SVG axe logo’s it creates an attractive look.

    This website also features the Booking Robot booking extension to take online bookings.

    Visit the website > www.ace-skye.com

  • MarcusMcAdam.com >

    Built December 2014

    Marcus is one of the more well-known photographers on the Isle of Skye and specialises in landscape photography.

    This website includes a range of features including a complex image gallery with a way of filtering the images and an online shop.

    Visit the website > www.marcusmcadam.com

  • SkeabostHotel.com >

    Built April 2016

    Skeabost House Hotel is part of the Sonas Group, which includes two other hotels (Toravaig & Duisdale). We have used a similar design & layout for each of the group websites to help to give a feel of connection between the different hotels.

    The websites offer a clean modern look and are built using the CMS Joomla. This includes access control, offering staff members different access levels to add or edit content.

    Visit the websites > www.skeabosthotel.com - www.toravaig.com - www.duisdale.com

  • WorldWide-Explorers.com >

    Built October 2015

    Worldwide Explorers offers photography holidays. Guided trips with your camera to locations that are off the beaten track.

    The first website in our portfolio that utilizes Gantry 5, offering a new way to create layouts. This website uses the blog menu items allowing the website owner to add new articles with ease.

    Visit the website > www.worldwide-explorers.com

  • Pilaski.co.uk >

    Built September 2015

    Pilaski offer package Ski holidays at the resort of Pila in the Italian Alps. Each booking is taken in person by the owner offering a customer service level that is second to none.

    An eye catching design inspired by the logo. The website remains simple for the owner to login and keep things up-to-date.

    Visit the website > www.pilaski.co.uk

  • Wild-Spirit.co.uk >

    Built August 2015

    Wild Spirit is a fast rib that can carry up to 12 for speed boat rips from Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye.

    A sharp uncluttered design with a well laid out page structure.

    This website uses the Booking Robot booking system that is designed and owned by Skye Web Design.

    Visit the website > www.wild-spirit.co.uk

  • lsha.co.uk >

    Built September 2015

    Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association manages a large collection of properties with the goal of providing affordable housing on the Isle of Skye and nearby mainland.

    This project is rather different to most. The website must be easy for the admin to maintain and be easy for the public to find information, but unlike most projects it is not aiming to promote the destination or the idea of easy housing.
    So to meet these design aims, the website is deliberately basic and not overly flashy.

    Visit the website > www.lsha.co.uk

  • SkyeBoat-Trips.co.uk >

    Built March 2015

    Stardust boat trip from Portree on the Isle of Skye. Offering wildlife trips to see birds, seals and dolphins.

    This website uses the Booking Robot booking system that is designed and owned by Skye Web Design. Part of the booking system includes a module which is being used as a point of sale interface by the Stardust team.

    Visit the website > www.skyeboat-trips.co.uk

  • Skye-Tours.co.uk >

    Built March 2015

    Skye Tours offers small bus tours of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

    The Joomla based website has a clear call to action on the home page directing customers to book online.

    This website uses the Booking Robot booking system that is designed and owned by Skye Web Design.

    Visit the website > www.skye-tours.co.uk

  • SeaprobeAtlantis.com >

    Built December 2015

    Seaprobe Atlantis is a glass bottom boat that offers boat trips from Kyleakin on Skye.

    The website has many features including a image gallery that has the option to filter the images by type.

    This website uses the Booking Robot booking system that is designed and owned by Skye Web Design to take online bookings for the boat trips.

    Visit the website > www.seaprobeatlantis.com

  • SaucyMarys.com >

    Built December 2014

    Saucy Marys offers budget accommodation and has a restaurant in Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

    The website was a replacement to an older design, the Joomla CMS manages the broken links (404) and redirects them to the new pages – an important background feature.

    Visit the website > www.saucymarys.com

  • IsleofSkye.com >

    Built - January 2013

    IsleofSkye.com is one of our more high profile websites.
    It is a travel website designed to help potential visitors to the Isle of Skye plan their stay, listing Accommodation, Attractions and Activities.

    It uses the CMS Joomla, combined with a selection of other extensions to create a very user friendly website that ranks extremely well in the search engines.

    As with all of our modern sites it is ‘Responsive’ and can easily to upgraded by adding extra features such as a ecommerce shop.

    Visit the website for yourself – www.IsleofSkye.com

  • Skye-Wilderness-Safaris.com >

    Built - January 2014

    Skye-Wilderness-Safaris.com is a simple design that included a booking system.

    A small business website promoting walking and camping adventures on the Isle of Skye.

    Using the latest version of the CMS Joomla is offers a crisp look using a modular design. It also includes an eCommerce plugin that is being used to take bookings and a deposit via PayPal.

    As with all of our modern websites it is ‘Responsive’ ensuring the website is compatible with all new internet browsing devices.

    Visit the website for yourself – www.Skye-Wilderness-Safaris.com

  • Skye-Photo-Challenge.com >

    Built - March 2014

    Skye-Photo-Challenge.com has a crisp look which was been developed from the initial design concept of the camera logo.

    The website promotes and manages entries to the photography competition based on the Isle of Skye.

    The upload and entire process has been custom developed for this unique project.

    Like all out websites it used the latest version of the CMS Joomla and is responsive in design.

    Visit the website for yourself – www.Skye-Photo-Challenge.com

  • Auchendinny-Skye.com >

    Built - May 2014

    Auchendinny-Skye.com is a modern website that helps to market a Bed and Breakfast business located near Portree on the Isle of Skye.

    This site like all our modern websites is designed to work on all internet browsing devices including tablets and smart phones.

    This site displays some on the photographs of the property with a hover affect, upon hovering with your mouse text will slide in to view.

    Like on our websites it is built using the lasted version of the CMS Joomla, so can easily be upgraded in the future.

    Visit the website for yourself – www.Auchendinny-Skye.com

  • Shiloh-Skye.com >

    Built - June 2014

    Shiloh-Skye.com is a business marketing website for an accommodation website offering both bed & breakfast and self catering options.

    Located in Breakish in the Isle of Skye. The owners wanted a website that can take online bookings and where they could login and add blog entries. Joomla the CMS we use on all our websites can easily provide a solution for these requirements.

    Visit the website for yourself – www.Shiloh-Skye.com

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